The Legend

The Legend

Friday, November 17, 2017

Needed Information for Secret Santa

I've sent emails to many of you already, but I still need some contact information for a few people that I don't even have emails for.

- Canyonwalker 2

If I don't hear back soon I will work to find replacements.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Secret Santa Rules and Needed Contact Information

I've officially closed the sign up period for this years Secret Santa.  It looks like we are standing at 41 so I'll add myself to even things out if I can't find one other person before this goes live.  Here are a couple rules/what is expected for each participant.

- The limit is $10 for the actual gift.  Feel free to add extra trade bait to take full advantage of the envelope.

- Please reveal your identity at some point to the recipient of your gift. This helps me do a nice wrap up post at the end and may help introduce some new trade partners to our community.  Here is the post from last year.

- Our biggest problem last year is that we had a few people not acknowledge that they received their gift. I'm asking that you either create a blog post, Tweet or at the very least email the person that the package arrived.  If you create a blog post or Tweet I'll link them to the main wrap up post.

I'll send out emails to everyone by Friday in regards to the person they will be buying for.  If we've never traded before or have recently moved please send me your contact information and mailing address to .  If you have any questions just leave a comment here or send me an email.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I Now Own the Greatest Cheese Board Ever

I've been the fortunate recipient of some very unique and memorable gifts since I started blogging. A recent gift from Peter from Baseball Every Night may take the cake.....or cheese....

That is a customized Bob Walk cheese cutting board.  It might as well be covered in diamonds with the Walk card being built into it.  If they bring back the show Cribs and I happen to be on it, you bet your ass I'm showing this off first.  Nothing says opulence like a Bob Walk cheese cutting board.  It will only be used when I acquire the rarest cheeses in the world.  Maybe I'll have my pal Kevin send me some French cheese, but that may not be rare enough.  It would have to be cheese from a one eyed pygmy goat made by monks. Get on that Kevin.

Now that I own this work of art, I wonder what else I can throw a Walk card in to make it better. Maybe all my formal dinnerware should showcase the greatest athlete of all time. I feel like I'm on to something here. I'm going to call a patent attorney...go about your business. I thought of it first, or I guess second. Thanks Peter!

Thanks for reading.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Oddballs From Mars

Mars National Bank that is.....

Thanks to Brian from Collecting Cutch I'm now the proud owner of a very unique Neil Walker set. It seems that Mars National Bank teamed up with the Pittsburgh native and former Bucco to promote the local bank with a set of 4 cards. Always super pumped to add some unique local oddballs. 

While maybe not as prevalent, you can still find some hidden gems. 

Looks to be a shot from Neil's high school days. 

Some Spring Training goodness. 

 Interesting way to get around the licensing.....
 Here Walker is showing off the classic Little League pose.

How about the backs.....

Each have a fact about Neil and then some not so subtle reasons on why you should bank at Mars.

Seriously, how great are these? Thanks so much Brian for sending them my way. More banks need to do this. 

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Last Call for Secret Santa

This will be my last formal call for participants in the Secret Santa.  I'll close up things in the next day or two.  Click here to join.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


I'm currently in DC with my wife visiting some friends and family. While we both get to travel quite a bit it is rarely together and childless. Needless to say we are both excited to have a dinner without a little one tugging on our legs. 

The WVU football team is playing away at Kansas State this afternoon.  One of the cool things about being in DC is that it is one of the biggest alumni areas for WVU grads.  Several bars turn into Mountaineer meeting grounds.  So I'm sure we will hit up one to take in the game. 

Obligatory new WVU card .

2007 Leaf Limited Jerry Porter Patch /10

Jerry Porter was one of the best athletes in WVU history.  He played safety, wide receiver and quarterback during his tenure. It just seemed like head coach Don Nehlen didn't know where to play him.  

While he didn't have a ton of work as a wide receiver, the Raiders used a 2nd round pick on Porter based on athleticism alone. He ended up playing eight years in the NFL and put up decent stats despite having to play behind the likes of Jerry Rice, Tim Brown and Randy Moss. Injuries derailed his career after signing a long term contract with the Jaguars. 

Let's Go Mountaineers! 

Thanks for reading. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Diamond King Challenge

One of the fun aspects about our hobby is finding out about cards you had no idea existed. A few weeks back I made such a discovery and really cashed in on some unique cardboard. 

A set that I hold near and dear to my heart is the mid 2000's versions of Diamond Kings.  I'm a fan of canvas cards so that got me interested right away, but what set DK apart was that the checklist was Pirate heavy.  As many of these cards I purchased over the years, one parallel set flew under the radar until my recent eBay discovery.

Have you heard of the DK Challenge Factory Set? Apparently the first 450 collectors to send in the complete base set of 450 cards received a special DK Challenge factory set. Each set would also come with 4 printing plates and two random one of one inserts.  That was news to me. 

When browsing eBay I often look for DK cards and came across a seller liquidating a huge collection of the 1/1's from the challenge set.  I'm not sure if he had them all, but it was close.  I put all the Pirates on my watch list. 

If I recall correctly 11 Pirate 1/1's were listed and I managed to secure 9 of them. The Jason Kendall and Aramis Ramirez were the only ones I lost. High end Kendall cards sell well for whatever reason.   While it may look like I broke the bank, only 2 sold for more than $5 (Jack Wilson and Dave Parker).  Obviously some of the big names went for some huge coin, but overall some good deals were for the taking. I'm guessing the obscurity of the set scared some people off. 

The cards themselves mirror the normal DK cards minus the word "challenge" embossed on the bottom right.  You can't really tell from the scan, but you can notice what looks like some squiggly lines.  That's the work challenge. 

Here they are!

I'm most excited for the two Jason Bay cards.  I'm to the point where it is hard for me to find new ones and I was able to add two from the same seller. For appearance purposes the Cobra would be my first pick.  The guy just has a ton of good cardboard.

Did you know this set existed?

PS: If you want to join Secret Santa 2017 click here.

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