The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mad Max and Friends

My pal Dennis recently surprised me with some great cards (and magazines!) last week.  Of course anything involving Dennis is taken to the next level.  

I thought it was a rule that if your name is Max your nickname automatically becomes "Mad", but unfortunately Max Carey's nickname was Scoop.  Either way check out this beauty of the Pirates Hall of Famer. 

This card looks perfectly fine to me so I'm not sure why it is a PSA 6.  Thanks so much for sending this one my way. Note to self, don't send cards for grading.  I don't think I have the eye for it.

A Prestige Plate of former Mountaineer great Tavon Austin.   I'm sad that the Rams continue to not utilize the speedster. Free Tavon! 

Another Plate! This is a 2016 Bowman Platinum Gerrit Cole.

I'm sure I can speak for Dennis when I say it is always a bonus to have our chosen schools players featured in their college uniforms.

Some of the biggest names in Pirates history here. Love the Clemente.

Some great Topps Gold parallels. The Alex Presley is a great shot.  Also nice to get a Burnett featured in the Bucco uniform.

I don't fault the Pirates for taking Pedro Alvarez, but man oh man it would have been nice to have Buster Posey. 
If the Pirates are going to compete for the playoffs next year they really need Glasnow to be good. He has been a disaster so far at the MLB level.  

Last, but not least is a nice bunch of magazines featuring the Pirates (and Penguins) prominently.  I'm looking forward to looking at the Beckett more closely. I find those old Beckett's fascinating.  

Thanks so much for the surprise cards Dennis.  I look forward to getting you back! 

Thanks for reading. 

Monday, September 18, 2017


Before I get back to trade packages tomorrow I wanted to show the completed Flair Showcase Legacy Collections of Jose Guillen and Al Martin.  Below is all three rows for each player, starting with Row 2 and ending with the most difficult, Row 0.

Thankfully this turned out to be cheap and pain free to complete. A seller that seems to specialize in 90's inserts had a complete set of these so I was able to fill in my gaps with ease.  My hope down the road is to finish the Jason Kendall portion.  I had a chance to add a few of his recently, but prices were all over the place.  These are the type of cards that will sell for $5 one day and $30 the next.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Adventures in eBay Packaging

I had no intentions of posting tonight, but I found this so odd I thought I should share.

I actually laughed while opening this card.

It may be a little hard to see, but that is half of an Ultra Pro One Touch Magnetic case.  I only received that half of the case.  The card itself was placed in a toploader with a ton of tape wrapped around the opening.  The card was then placed in the magnetic case with a thick piece of white cardboard protecting the other side.  WTF, right?

The card arrived safe and sound so no negative feedback or anything like that.  Just when you think you've seen it all something like this pops up. If any of you have half a one touch case sitting around you now have a way of utilizing it!

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Payday Games

Today I'm heading out for the WVU/Deleware St football game. Obviously it is not a marquis opponent, but it is the last game before conference play starts so you hope you begin to develop some depth.  Our coach is on record in that he thinks power 5 conferences should play each other during non conference play.  Without looking I'm sure this game was added after the Mountaineers joined the Big 12 and needed to make new arrangements with their schedules.  Most non conference games are agreed 5-10 years in advance so that seems to make sense.

I only get around 6 games a year so no matter the opponent I'm going to show up and enjoy the game. Plus it is a nice excuse to have a beer and eat tailgate food. 

Man alive those Steve Slaton have a ton of cards. It will take me a lifetime to accumulate half of his releases because the year he was drafted (2008) was peak relic/auto time.  Both 2007 and 2008 NFL draft produced a ton of notable running backs so you got a lot of cards that looked like this 2008 Ultimate Collection patch.  This is why a lot of Slaton cards still hold value. 

Enjoy the game today.

Let's Go Mountaineers

Thursday, September 14, 2017


I recently completed my first ever trade with Brian from the Cutch-centric blog Collecting Cutch. It was a BIG trade.  He has already discussed the five cards I sent his way. 

You probably remember Brian's old blog, Pirates Treasure Room.    Around the beginning of the year he decided to refocus his collection to where the majority of his effort would be devoted to Cutch. This opened to door for Brian and I to do some trading.  

While obviously I like to collect the Pirate star myself, I'm by no means a super collector.  My Cutch collection is relatively large, but it has been dormant in terms of high end autos/relics since he became a bona fide superstar.  I enjoy variety too much to spend big dollars on one player.  I'm sure I can speak for Brian and that we miss the days a Cutch auto would cost  in the $5-10 range.  

A few weeks back Brian sent an email with a list of Cutch cards I owned that he would be interested in trading for. He had six cards in mind and I ended up trading 5.  Because I knew Brian had an awesome Pirates collection I gave him free reign to build the return package.  I was not disappointed.

This post is only showing the Gerrit Cole portion of the trade package.  Brian sent a priority mail box full of great cards that I will showoff over time. He wasn't joking when he said he could give me a years worth of blogging material for the Cutch cards I sent his way. 

If you read my drivel on a somewhat regular basis you know that I love the framed Topps parallels. I found a decent amount of them when they were numbered to /20 and /16.  For some reason Topps decided to make them 1/1's which ultimately stopped my hunt.  Thanks to Brian I now can finally add a 1/1 silver frame to my collection.

This was the WOW card of the return package.  Nice patch, high end set.....this card has it all. 

A very nice /25 auto!

Last but not least is a dual auto from Platinum featuring another very good pitcher in Sonny Gray.  Lots of cool combos from this Bowman Platinum set.

This was such a fun trade Brian.  I'm glad we were able to break the ice.  In the coming months I'll continue to show off some of the cards you sent my way, but I wanted to make sure to show these Cole's right away.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Chrome Supernovas

Not even a hurricane can stop John from sending out cards.  Thankfully John confirmed that he is doing fine and was void of any property damage.  That is great news.  

I kind of feel like I need to build a wing in my house just for cards that John has sent my way.  Seems like every month or two I get an envelope full of great cards.  This time around it was an awesome mix of chrome cards with a sprinkle of some other newer releases. 

Topps Chrome parallels seem to be pretty popular.  Maybe not quite to the level of Bowman Chrome because of the prospectors but you could make an argument that Topps Chrome looks better.

Do they call these copper or sepia?  How about we call them cosepias.  Either way I'm always happy to add some new Taillon cards to the collection. 

Big fan of the "Sunday" uniforms of the Pirates the last couple of years.  Got to love throwbacks.  Cole has had such a weird year this year.  He has been getting killed by the long ball, but still shows flashes of complete domination.  Hopefully he can find a way to get back to his dominating consistency he showed in 2015.
I don't buy much Ginter so these are always welcomed.

The Glasnow is a great rookie card numbered to /99.  Thanks a ton John for sending that one my way.
All Van Slyke cards are awesome.  If you were a Pirate fan in the early 90's you likely adored the Pirate center fielder.

Thanks a ton for the surprise package John.  Hope you get your power back soon and things get back to normal.  Really glad to hear your family is safe.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cards Cards Cards Cards on Cards

It has been a nice couple of weeks in terms of card arrivals.  One of the arrivals was an awesome surprise from Kerry of Cards on Cards.   It was stuffed full of all kinds of newer releases, many of which I didn't have. 

Former WV Black Bear Will Craig /50!!!!!  Craig had a better sophomore campaign this year that better compliments his first round status.  I think most are hoping that the power continues the develop and that he can find a position and play it moderately well.

This is probably my favorite rookie card of 2017 since it features two top guys for the Buccos. Bell has already exceeded expectations while Glasnow has the pedigree, but hasn't shown much at the MLB level.
These are the type of cards I love receiving.  Suppan had a short stint with the Bucs so cardboard is limited.
Mitch Keller is flying up prospect charts and has a chance to be an overall top ten prospect by the beginning of next year.  I think Keith Law has him in his current top 5.  Fun fact is that I've seen Glasnow and Keller on rehab assignments here in Morgantown.

Some short termed Pirates.  The Lee card is my favorite but any card featuring a third base coach is top notch as well.

Kerry sent a nice sample of new cards of old players. Always like to get the Conlon cards.
One of my favorite Honus Wagner cards.

Since Jaso is an actual Pirate he always gets a scan. Chad Kuhl is probably one of the more tantalizing rookies the Buccos have had recently.  I still fill like he might be perfect for the super reliever role as he seems to dominate 3 or 4 innings and then hits the wall.
David Freese in a Bucco uniform is a welcomed addition.  Plus the base of the Glasnow/Bell rookie card.
A sampling of GQ featuring the core of the Buccos.

The Showdown cards don't pop up much these days.  Nice unique addition to the Giles collection.

Thanks for all the great cards Kerry.  I'll dig up some Cardinals for you.  Maybe we can trade beer one day!

Thanks for reading.